Asheville – Land of the potter

I had my final sampling robotics presentation at the Air Force base in TN, so I took advantage of the flight to visit my good friend and college housemate Hannah. Hannah is making some incredible pottery in Asheville,  NC which also happens to be a really beautiful slice of the South. 

Whale and Elephant mugs!

Asheville is really a special place. It has incredible mountain biking, hiking, boating, and climbing. If it had skiing I would be tempted to move there. The coolest part of the town is the artistic spirit. Almost every bare wall has a mural on it, every corner a pottery studio. Pop up pottery and woodworking sales are the norm, and people are super friendly. Hannah had a popup holiday sale, so I got to flex my inner salesperson before we went for a hike and a climb. Good times, good food, even better people. img_2123