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Grant Weekend

Every winter the DOC organizes a weekend when students go up to the college’s second grant to ski, dogsled, and share stories far in the wilderness, almost 30 miles from the nearest town. When we arrived, the stars were amazing and the Milky Way was bright. We went for a night ski, and we didn’t even need headlamps that first night. The next morning I set out on a backcountry ski while others dogsledded. The views were beautiful, but the snow was downright scary. There had been a sprinkling of rain and it had turned into a really fragile breakable crust. The good news was that it was sunny and warm and despite the gnarly conditions the tour was fun.

Later that evening we sat with Dartmouth alums and shared storied of the Dartmouth Outing Club and The Grant. A friend told a great and enthralling story about the loggers of the far north. After that I performed  fire spinning under the starry northern skies. Not bad for a school weekend.




Is a circus – or so it seemed as I rode to circus practice

the other day with all of the necessary ingredients – a pad, practice fire staves and a bit of humor! Did I miss anything?

Fiery wedding!

Not mine! My good friend Shauna got married today to her perfect guy, Dustin, in one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever. Beautiful because, well, you will see the pics, and it was also a great reunion of old friends. The Pines Lake, NJ clan, all friends from when we were months old, hung out all day, danced the night away, talked and had a grand time.

Oh yeah, and I performed double staves in the barn as the party heated up. Literally!

Final Circus performance

With the term almost to a close, it was time to show off what our young circus club could do with a final showcase. Here are some of the videos! I did a double staff performance:
And a single staff spin:
Hannah and Jacob did acrobalance:

And Jacob did a single staff spin: