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The Great Move

Rob and I made some moves. We left behind the gorgeous Teton range, packed up and landed just 4.5 hours away in Park City, Utah. A big challenge was leaving behind the bike trails that wind their way through Cache Creek right out our old backyard. Another was saying goodbye to friends, biking and skiing buddies, at least until our next visit. 


We landed an incredible apartment, but quickly learned that there were still a few things that we needed. Pots? Pans? Tupperware? Food? Spices? Yeah, we had some work to do. Finally, we set up the kitchen, and we were able to cook everything! The first thing to come out of the oven? Cookies, of course!


Next up was the entryway. I wanted a table to store shoes, and a place to put things down – your basic entryway table. I couldn’t find anything suitable for under $80, so I figured I would just build it myself. I started off with a trip to the recycling center – you would be surprised with what you can find for sale if your recycling center has a resale store. The one in Steamboat is incredible. The one in Park City wasn’t bad either, and I found all the lumber I needed for about ten bucks.

Next, I cut all the pieces out on the porch with a circular saw (having pretty serious miter saw envy right now), then put it all together. Rob wanted drawers, so I compromised by building in a shelf for drawer boxes that I would build later. To get the finish I wanted, I painted the whole thing black.


Then sanded and put on brown stain.


I later made the drawers, finished with polyurethane and moved the table into place. I think it adds a nice Lorin Paley slightly improved look to the place? What do you think?


With the house all set up, we began organized our attached storage unit. Rob piggybacked power for more lights out of the single light bulb fixture, and I made a space saving bike hanger. With a few magnetic strips and shelves, the place was up to standard. Now we just need to explore the bike trail right out the back door.


Organization at The Pebble

When I got my neck brace off and finally felt good enough to carry things, what was naturally next? Home improvements at The Pebble, of course! I keep all my sport specific gear in bins. I hung each of those on shelf brackets, so that I could pull one out at a time.


I also put in a shelf for my clothes and hooks underneath for stuff that I wear regularly.


I added a shelf for shoes and boots.


I put in shelf brackets to both hang my recurve bows off the ground and to keep my skis from touching them.


Of course I needed to organize all my Ryders glasses.


And needed organizations for my favorite packs. DSC_1155


With Rob settled in Jackson at the beginning of the summer, we worked on the weekends transforming his house. We started in the garage with mag strips for the tools and huge speakers for entertainment while wrenching on bikes, then moved upstairs with storage hooks and drying out athletic gear in mind. With my neck in a brace, I provided moral support, sanding and finishing. Even though I couldn’t do too much, Rob built a new bar-table, I made some stools out of log rounds, and Rob worked on a tree-like boot dryer. What do you think?




Picnic Table #1

As a culdesac with three houses, we have something real special – community.
On any given evening you can find someone cooking enough food for an entire crowd, and on Sundays, we even plan on a crew for family dinners. With the weather getting nicer, I wanted to be able to have these great events outdoors, so I built a picnic table. The very next morning, we had a huge breakfast in the sun – the best. The only problem? It just started snowing again!