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Kitchen Table

After building the beds and shelves for our cozy abode at school, a.k.a The Pebble, I couldn’t resist going further. We have a kitchen table. It works; if you call a piece of unfinished plywood on top of a few drawers a kitchen table. It worked, but I knew I could build something that could work better. Way better. You see, our house has two problems – there are no chairs for the kitchen table, and there is no room for chairs. Combine that with my back pain, and I had a solution – a kitchen table, with some drawers and with enough height to stand at. The added height would also allow stools to be stored underneath.
The new table is almost done – dropleaf and all, but the first adventure was taking apart the old table. Who knew so many spiders could hide in such a small piece of furniture (I hate spiders)! Now that it is out of the house, I am more than glad to be rid of the spiders. I can’t wait for the next step – putting the new table in!

Beds for the pebble

Let me describe how to get to the pebble, the off campus house that I am renting for my remaining years at Dartmouth. It is not HARD to get to per say and neither is it far from campus, but the route is pretty entertaining, so here it goes. To get to the pebble, you can get there easiest from the engineering school. From there, you continue down the road, cross the highway and go onto west street. Turn right on the second driveway and go back past their barn. You have now reached the Commando Route. The Commando Route is a legal public passageway, because people have been walking up the trail, which resembles a cliff for years. From there go past the rock, which is not a rock at all, but an off campus house which is full of hiking club people and you will see the pebble next to grandma’s house. As you can guess, juxtaposed with the rock, the pebble is a pretty tiny place.

Since the house has two room and has the potential to be big enough for three people, I decided to design some beds that way. The beds I had in mind were fold away murphy beds, but not just any fold away murphy beds – ones that would bring up a desk when you folded it away. I spent the next two weeks learning a computer design program, Solidworks, well enough to design them and the next two weeks after that building them. The first rush is finally over and once I machine the side pieces and install the counter weights, I will post a final video.