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Dad Board Part 1

Rob was off throwing his brother’s bachelor party, so I headed east in order to help my dad build a SUP. You may remember this story from a while ago – like 4 years ago. Freshman year of college I cut out the pieces for my dad to build a SUP. Each summer, my dad finished a step or two, but enough was enough – it was time to finish the project.

The other goal of the trip was to visit with my grandparents. Along with gluing the top of the board together late at night,


sup bldg w Hellen

I was able to sneak in some quality NYC time. We went to a Broadway show (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time), walked in the park; I got my butt kicked by my grandmother’s pilates class, and did some pajama yoga (the best king of yoga).





Back to the SUP, we recruited neighbors, friends, and even my grandfather for extra hands putting the thing together. It was a whirlwind blast of a trip, but you will be seeing DadBoard on the water soon!







Building SUP #2

I built a SUP two years ago. It was hollow wood construction, like an airplane wing. It was an amazing project, but after paddling this SUP for a year, I knew that the design could be improved. I created the new design in CAD (computer aided design) and realized that I could do much more than just make the design better; I could also cut down on my waste. By changing the design into the right configuration and using the SHOPBOT, a really sophisticated mill, I cut the entire SUP out of one sheet of plywood! Not bad!!

The Ultimate DIY!!

Two years ago in high school started an obsession. I loved stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) and wanted to get into longer distance paddles, but really didn’t want to buy a board per say. I discovered hollow wood SUPs on an online discussion panel and I just about jumped with excitement. THIS was something that I could definitely do. I downloaded all the necessary design tools and got to work making my tourboard. Before long though, I realized that I just didn’t have the space to do such a big project. The project then went on the back burner, but as soon as I saw the shop here at school, I knew that it needed to be rekindled. Finally, here I am with a final project. I took lots of pictures along the way and even made a how to pamphlet for future SUPers! Video to come!

SUP on!