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East Coast skiing 101

I finished early with computer coding for class. Yes, I thought, I get to relax/organize myself/cook! Only one problem – I have neighbors that ski. A lot. Of course Rob comes over right when I’m putting my computer away. “Mousilake?” Why not?
We arrived at the trailhead. Rob mentioned how he thought that it should be good. Hmm, I thought, I didn’t usually associate good with less than 6” of base. Off we skinned, through stream crossings and around rocks sticking out of the snow. By the time we got to the top, I knew what type of skiing I was in for: survival skiing. I pushed off preparing for the worst. Following Rob, we jumped every mound of snow, sucked up our knees over every stream crossing, and flew. Before I knew it, the wind was hitting my teeth and what do you know, I was having fun! Survival skiing on Mousilake = fun!