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wildlife and waves oh my!

Our sick ride
Not a bad selection

We woke up to the smell of the ocean. It was wonderful, filling. After running on the beach, getting sand between our toes, we were ready for a day of surfing. We weren’t going back to San-o unfortunately, the break of all breaks, but we figured that we could rip the local break just as well. And we did; after a few hours of catching pretty good rides, we decided a paddle was in order. So we headed out towards a rock pile two miles away. About halfway there, I looked out and saw a boat stopped out a bit. I knew it was whale season, so I figured that there might be something to see. When we saw other SUP’ers headed out as well, we started sprinting and got out pretty quickly. Right in front of us, not more than 10 yards, surfaced two giant grey whales. We stood there and watched in amazement for another thirty minutes before we could even tear ourselves away. On the way back, we joked that the only thing that would cap off the day would be a couple waves in and some really good food. You know what? We got them both!

good food

A Typical So-cal day

California. It just feels good to say it. Let me tell you, it feels even better to be here. After a term of go, go, go, it is nice to sit back and enjoy, Or to surf… A lot. We are staying three blocks from the break with our friend Eric, not a bad setup at all. We have the option to go to the beach pretty much whenever we want, but today is an especially flat surf day. Walking down to the beach I recieve a text from Eric. “San-o Beach in thirty, the waves are there.”

We run back up, get ready and jump into the car. As we drive closer to San-o, the marine layer of haze starts to lift, and we arrive under perfect California sun. It is crazy. Although I’ve seen people parking each other in on powder days in Steamboat, this blows that out of the water – people are parking each other in at a surf break. Not just any break, this one goes on for miles. We find a parking spot at the very end of the break, suit up and paddle out to make our first run at it. The waves are perfect for my first day back. Strong enough to gain some speed, but crumbly with long rides. The first ride feels amazing. I paddle two strokes and am going strong, turning down the line. Hannah even catches her first waves. Before we know it, it is 2:30, and we havn’t eaten lunch.

Since we are starving and know that Laguna will still be under a marine, we decide to cap off our special So-Cal surfing day with a stop at Pedros for some greasy tacos. By the time we return to the house, the world is spinning from exhaustion, and by 6:00 I wonder whether it is late enough to go to bed. The best!

The Ultimate DIY!!

Two years ago in high school started an obsession. I loved stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) and wanted to get into longer distance paddles, but really didn’t want to buy a board per say. I discovered hollow wood SUPs on an online discussion panel and I just about jumped with excitement. THIS was something that I could definitely do. I downloaded all the┬ánecessary┬ádesign tools and got to work making my tourboard. Before long though, I realized that I just didn’t have the space to do such a big project. The project then went on the back burner, but as soon as I saw the shop here at school, I knew that it needed to be rekindled. Finally, here I am with a final project. I took lots of pictures along the way and even made a how to pamphlet for future SUPers! Video to come!

SUP on!