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This weekend was Woodsmen Spring Weekend. This means that we drive to a random community college in the middle of The Fingerlakes in New York State, and compete in logger sports! The first day, I think the goal was to completely tire me out. With:
 Single Buck:
Log Rolling:
Singles canoe race and triathalon (throw an axe into a target, run, saw, then throw the axe again); I think that they succeeded in tiring us out. 
For day 2, the wind picked up and my partner in crime, Annie Laurie and I competed in V Chop together as we all received wind induced facials. As a team, we are known as Animal Laurie and Lorin the Impaler. Not bad, eh?

After the event, we made the long drive home, joking that we were the best ivy league woodsman team since 1949. Well its true. We are also the only ivy league woodsmans team.


Who knew making wood smaller could be so intense. And fun. This week I was convinced to compete at a woodsman meet. Not that I needed a lot of convincing. I have wanted to go for quite some time, just never made a team practice. Not only did I make a practice this week, but I went to the competition in Canada. In Canada where loggersports are varsity, and the teams practice twice a day. The events are:
Pole climb – climbing a pole with spikes on your feet and a rope around the pole
Axe throw – think darts for burly people
Fire build – fastest to make water take a phase change
Splitting – getting the dot on all four pieces
Vertical chop – mimicking cutting down a tree
Horizontal chop – getting a log off the road
Crosscut  and bowsaw – quick quick!
Log decking – the most ridiculous event ever. Rolling logs up a ramp without the use of your hands.
Pulping – horseshoes with wood
In between events, the Macdonald Campus of Mcgill University served us gourmet five star food as part of their nutrition curriculum. Why didn’t I do this sport before?!