Diwheel Race 2015


It is a Dartmouth engineering tradition. The advanced machine engineering class spends the last 3 weeks of their spring term building diwheels. You may ask what is a diwheel is. As you can see below, a diwheel is a silly looking human powered vehicle. Your pedal power moves small wheels that through friction move big hoop wheels around you. In case you were also wondering, when I say build, I actually mean design, build (weld, machine), and troubleshoot everything except the hoops.


Once the 50 or so students in groups of 4 focus entirely on building this contraption and nothing else (sleep, what sleep), they have a chance to demonstrate their team’s design’s abilities. This year this included turning radius, speed, tracking, and stability.


Turning was a complicated affair, and when mechanisms failed, some teams got creative. Did I mention there were team uniforms?