mountain biking with coworkers

Engineering in Jackson

The big question during senior year of college was, “What are you doing after graduation? Are you going to Boston and working for an engineering firm? New York? Wait, you don’t know what you are doing next year? Are you applying? Planning?”

I didn’t have a job lined up, and I wasn’t worried in the slightest. I was too busy building and designing things while I still had access to a 3D printer, and all the incredible resources at school.

My Coworkers and I out biking

The result? When I found out about an opportunity for a really cool job in a really cool place, I had to exclude things from my design portfolio to make it reasonably short. I am saying this with the off chance that it might convince someone reading this blog to take a risk. Take the risk of using your time to try something new, building something cool because you want to, not because it would look good on a resume. Time is precious. Do the things that intrigue you; don’t waste it.