Gifted PT

Since my neck injury, my range of motion has been limited, not the biggest shocker in the world. But while I was home in Steamboat I knew that it was my chance to get some amazing physical therapy. My PT, Brent Yamashita at Johnson & Johnson has helped me a lot over the years.  With his skilled help I have been skiing, biking and enjoying all my outdoor activities.

Brent Yamashita of Johnson &Johnson with my thank you gift, an aspen bowl, for amazing PT after my neck injury.

With this last injury I felt like I not only let my friends and family down, but him too. He has picked up the pieces and put me back together so many time that I felt guilty that I went and hurt myself again. I felt like a real pain in the neck, hah!  I came in and he once again started putting the pieces back together. I gained some thirty degrees of range to the right and have a whole list of things to work on before I head back to school.

I wanted to give Brent something special for all his help. So I finished an aspen bowl from wood harvested in Steamboat. My family and I are very fortunate to have Brent and Johnson & Johnson in our home town.