Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake Camping

Past the Grand Teton and the Middle Teton are more impressive angular mountains. I remember driving to Jackson for the first time and Rob promising me that I would know when I saw them. At almost every mountain range I would ask, “Are those the Tetons?” After a bit Rob turned the radio volume up loud enough so I just had to wonder to myself. As we made the last bend into town looking above the “Welcome to Jackson” sign, I saw them. Well, I only saw The Grand, but it was enough. The rock looked like it had been pulled from the crust yesterday, with sharp ridges and deep shadows, and I suddenly thought all the other mountains I had seen before were tiny. This was a mountain, surrounded by cow pastures and high mountain lakes, energizing the peaceful landscape and all those who live near it with a sense of raw adventure.



The Tetons are the most impressive mountain range I could ever hope to live near, so when a friend of ours invited us to camp on Jackson Lake under the shadow of mount Moran, we were ready and in the car quickly. We motored to the far side of the lake by boat, had a fun time dragging the boat into a cove for Rob- facilitated valet parking – all I could think of was the scene in African Queen when Humphrey Bogart gets covered by leeches.


After a great night sitting by the campfire and watching the full moon, we had some fun knee boarding on the way back to the other side of the lake. I have never been knee boarding before, and it is quite the core and quad workout. By the time we were out and back home it was only noon and we had plenty of time for an afternoon adventure. I love living in the thick of it!