Lodge Goodbye


Can’t beat the NE sunsets


You have probably heard me swoon over the lodge many times. I love everything about it. I love that every surface (the roof, the fireplace mantle, the railings, the chandelier) is treated like a giant jungle gym. I love the history that is so thick you can practically taste it as you explore. I love the sense of calm and excitement you can see transform every face that comes in through the front door. I love the fact that a single student chef makes food for each meal, making each visit a culinary adventure. I love the red dance floor, in my mind the best dance floor in the world. Most of all, I love the people that live, speak and breath the lodge.

friends in great places

Unfortunately, there is the other side. The lodge is 75 years old. When it was built, it was the biggest ski lodge in North America. It was the birthplace of american alpine ski racing, and with all that history also come a lot of wear. The floor has been reinforced with extra beams because it bows when people dance. Flushing the toilets is a bit like putting up a prayer. Who knows if the plumbing gods will answer. Logs are rotting out, and each time we need to lift the entire building to replace a log, it becomes harder to find logs that are wide enough to match the originals.


Needless to say, the lodge needs a 75 year update, and the college plans to do that starting this year, so we needed to make one last visit to the hallow ground. We decided to visit during one of the lodge’s many awesome parties. To no one’s surprise, a ton of other recent alums had also made the trip to visit the lodge, so you can imagine how the night went. Dancing, bonfires, swimming in the river and good food all ensued, with the best of people. Here is to lodge 2.0!