Risk, Luck, Life and Balance

Casinos should recruit me. I would be their perfect gambler. I’d start off slow, gain confidence as I won a little bit, and just when I thought I could really beat the system, I would go all in and lose. That would be the scenario if gambling followed the same trend as my injuries.

I seem to be the only one surprised by my affinity to find every injury in every possible sport. If I were to gamble, I would probably end up with a life threatening paper cut. Regardless of whether the dice are weighed against me or whether I take too much risk too often or a combination of the two, this injury has definitely got me thinking about risk, luck, life and balance.


I think, and hope, that luck isn’t something that is 100% inherent. I believe it is something that you set yourself up for. And from now on I want to set myself up for as much good luck as I can. I want to assess risk better. I want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. I want to still do the things I love, how I like to do them, because otherwise I would probably end up finding worse hobbies like training tigers.

If this luck manufacturing business means being slower than I already am, bring it. If it means wearing extra padding, or walking obstacles, or not taking big hits on my skis, I can live with that. Because for me the joy of adrenaline is only a part of it – most of the joy is getting to be outside with the people in my life that I care about, and I would do anything to get to continue to do that for a long, long time.