Mousilake Skin

After the struggle-bus that was yesterday’s Whaleback skin, I figured that redemption was in order; so I rallied two friends, Carolyn and Heather, to skin up Mt Mousilake. We arrived at the trailhead at noon and sunset was 5:00, so the clock was ticking. Heather has a huge stride so in no time at all it was clear that with my flu, I was going to be the slowest of the group. Despite the hacking cough I developed over the course of the 6 mile skin, it was a bucket of fun. From the looks of the track on the way up, we were only the third or fourth to go down and the cold weather was keeping the snow fresh and our pace up. At the top, the clouds parted for a view and I don’t think I could have asked for a better group of girls to rip down the mountain with.