Mud Meet

We make wood smaller, and this term, the Woodsmen’s Team has two meets: Mud Meet and Spring Meet. Mud Meet is our warm up for Spring Meet, and it sure lived up to its name. The

events that we competed in were pulping (horseshoes with heavy wood). In my CoZone Onesie of course!

V chop — if you were to chop down a tree old-school, this would be how you did it.

Single buck – if you wanted to cut up a really big log without a chainsaw, this would be you.

Disk stack – holding a chainsaw level is hard. Trying to cut pieces in a jenga like stack and not letting them fall is even harder.

H chop – chopping fallen logs.

Packboard – if you wanted to run through the woods (in a foot of slush/water and brambles) with a really uncomfortable backpack held together by a string with a hatchet. I know. I don’t ever really want to do that either. But hey, it’s a team event!