The Frenchie Fair!

On my way back from Saas this week, what I thought was an early launch of the Christmas fair caught my eye. I got off my bus and inquired further by weaving through the stalls receiving countless stares for carrying a pair of boots around in the middle of Fall. It was actually the Francaphonie Fair! All french speaking countries and areas (Louisiana!) had booths set up and there were various performances. As I sat by the water, waiting for the next bus, A group of teens came over and started lifting each other and singing in perfect key. I missed the bus, watching their impromptu performance for a half an hour. Not even a hundred funny looks could have torn me away from that!

Fun times in the artsy-fartsy town of Montreux!

Last day to appreciat CH with the Rents

Everything from losing sleep over the visa process, to helping me shlep five months worth of oatmeal over to Switzerland, I wouldn’t have this opportunity without my amazing parents. This post is purely a thank you. Thanks for dealing with all my injuries and recoveries, ups and downs; my crazy projects and my habit of biting off more than I can chew.

I appreciate all the support from both my family and from everyone who is following my adventure this year! Next stop: the top of the podium!!!!

They Say Life is an Adventure
Prove Them Right!

First weekend in Saas!

First weekend on snow since early march, so I took thing nice and easy, enjoying the sights in my sister city more than laying down railroads. Next weekend, I’ll do more than the “shmear” drill and get a better chance at laying down some trenches.