Selling the Sauna

I built a wood fired sauna at the beginning of my junior year of college. Having never built a standalone structure before, it was a huge learning process. I was pretty proud that it worked, and I didn’t lose any fingers in the preocess! My days of having a lot of available project space were quickly coming to a close, and I was eager to get back the money I invested in sauna building materials.


I wanted the sauna to go to a similarly minded owner – the DIY type, so I listed it in all of its glory on the Hanover listserve and waited. It wasn’t too long before I found a buyer who was willing to pick up the sauna.


By ‘picking’ up the sauna, I actually mean bringing a come along, a bunch of rollers and a good sense of humor. We spent three hours in the sprinkling rain muscling, pleading and wishing the sauna into the bed of a trailer.


Once we finally loaded the sauna we drove it out from behind the house; the trailer missed hitting the eaves of the house by two pine needles. Mission accomplished – with only 4 hours of dragging, and kicking a giant chunk of wood! Now about that wood fired hot tub…   DSC_5033