Spring Meet: Woodsmen's Team

Spring Meet: Woodsmen’s Competition

Every term the Woodsmen’s Team competes in Spring Meet – the biggest competition that of the entire year. I had planed on going all year, but my engineering Computer Aided Design class has been crazy, and I was running low on sleep. I didn’t finish a Solidworks CAD model until 2AM, so I skipped the team bus and drove up early in the morning joining the team. Running on little sleep the day passed in a blur of competition, throwing 40 lb logs and sawing crosscuts.

Later that day, after a well needed nap, I strolled through the NY campus where all the teams set up tents. Each time I rounded the corner, there was a new campfire, radio station and vibe. My team was jamming to some indie music and the next five minutes of walking throughout the campsites brought different varieties of country with a few teams blasting some classic rock.

The next day my lack of sleep caught up with me. I wasn’t quite as quick at the vertical chop, but the day was filled with fun, and I even ended up getting second place in scoot load!