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Pond Hockey

With three engineering courses, winter term is tough. Last night (this morning?) watching the clock hit 2AM, not yet done with my problem set, I couldn’t remember what it was like to be well rested.

My respite this term has been pond hockey. I play at a friend’s pond and the community is incredible. Everyone is out to have a good time, make good passes and heckle each other to no end. No one keeps score, no one gets too aggressive, and all abilities are welcome. I started playing sophomore year, and it has been really fun to improve my skating and hockey skills.  The fun atmosphere makes it possible to play against really high level players while learning the game. That in itself has made it an invaluable experience.


A typical game takes 2 hours with a 10 minute car ride. So this term, when a 7 hour ski trip would have burried me further into the realm of sleep deprivation, I could afford to take a wonderful hockey break.

Pond Hockey

Pond hockey at the Collier’s  has been one of my favorite parts of this winter. On any given day of the week, if there is a group of six people wanting to skate, despite their level of skill, there is a game. Other than the community participating in Collier hockey, the really special part of the game is the distinct version of pond rules. Some are generic like keeping the puck on the ice, no checking (unless you are married to your opponent) and no bringing your stick up, but the unique ones keep the game fun and engaging for skaters of all levels. You can only take the puck from someone as good or better than you; you can pressure any player to drop the puck, and you are encouraged to pass. These rules make it really fun for a hockey nube like me, and makes it easy to stay on the steep part of the learning curve. The goal of the game isn’t to score or win as we don’t even count goals, but to make some beautiful plays. This season has been a blast, and I even got to drive the Zamboni!