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Women in the Wilderness

Freshman year, I met my first upperclassmen through a Women in the Wilderness hiking trip. I was the only non senior on the trip, and I was welcomed so enthusiastically it made my week. We hiked up Mt Moosilauke, and they didn’t mind that I had to stop often to rest. I really looked up to those senior girls, and the next year started leading Women in the Wilderness outings. 15814567334_f00d67ffbe_o

A year later I shifted my focus to the Mountain Bike Club. It was really fun to shape a club from its infancy with so much potential. I lobbied to get the club a permanent space for bike storage, improved the leader training and got more trips led. Three years later, with 10 leaders and 10 leaders in training, I feel pretty good about the growth of  the Mountain Bike Club. However, I always felt a bit guilty for dropping the ball on a great program that helped me meet so many mentors.

This year, a friend of mine approached me asking about rebooting Women in the Wilderness. She was hoping to have a community where female leaders from all the clubs would lead trips to get more women outside together doing badass activities. I led my first trip last weekend, and it was a pretty picturesque day for intro to telemark skiing. Next up – women’s pond hockey!

Women in the wilderness bike trip!

Today, we had our first full day women in the wilderness bike trip of the term. Since there were four of us going and a mountain bike club event going we decided to join forces. With four guys and four girls, it was definitely the most gender balanced mountain bike ride I had ever been on!
With such a large group and varying skills, there was a lot of potential for an extremely boring day for some and a hard day for others. Somehow, this didn’t even happen. Everyone was pretty stoked on the speed and the riding was just straight up fun! It looks like there might even be a contingent interested in a spring break bike trip next year!