elk processing

That time of year again.


Every year, after hunting we need to just get to the meat of it and get the grinding assembly line going. In order to grind 60 lbs of elk without destroying the grinder, vacuum sealer, or any of us for that matter, we have a protocol.


The first person in the assembly line chops the partially frozen meat into chunks that can fit into the grinder. When I say chop, what I really mean in stand on a step stool and desperately try to cut a 10 lb chunk of frozen meat without flinging it across the kitchen. The next in line puts the meat into the grinder, and after every 5 lbs, takes the grinder apart so the meat doesn’t clog it. If the meat isn’t frozen, this person needs to clean the grinder every other piece. The next in line weighs 1.5 lbs of meat into a vacuum bag and hands it to the next person in line who vacuums, labels and flattens the packet for easy freezing. Four4 hours and 60 lbs of elk later, we were exhausted and vegetarians… not.